Our Story

A venture of two brothers, committed to a clear state-of-mind, enabling you to focus on what matters by defining simplistic and minimal "dress code" for everyday life.

We believe clothes look best when they’re worn and lived in, we work hard to assure quality that will last and a style that won’t look silly in a few years. Our believe in quality and durability make us to encourage "Buy less, but better."

Here’s a summary of the different angles from which we approach durability.

It’s a known fact that the fashion industry is the 3rd most polluting industry in the world. Estimations are that 60% of all clothing that is produced ends up in landfill or an incinerator within a year after being produced. The production of cotton is intensive and requires a lot of water. As an example, production of a t-shirt is estimated to require 3000 liters of water in total.

With this knowledge, we’re very conscious of the fact that we need to do better, as a brand and as an industry. We strongly focus on quality and durability, but we also take concrete initiatives to become a more sustainable brand because small steps are steps too.